Quality repairs on Nissan HUD and Toyota Soarer instrument clusters.

  • Nissan S13 HUD instrument clusters - fade-out and cold failure faults
  • Nissan Z32/R32/R33 airflow meters
  • General electronic repairs for Nissans
  • Toyota Soarer - instrument clusters

The instrument displays can have faults that can be reliably repaired if you have the required experience. I repair them and then bench run the clusters so I KNOW they work before I send them back, most 'sparkies' can't do this for you.

There is advice all around the Internet about DIY repair of these units, some of it is spot on, and some is total rubbish and misleading.

What they don't tell you, is how easy it is to damage your circuit boards if you don't get it done right first time. These old circuit boards have very thin tracks and weak foil adhesives, they are easily damaged by over exposure to soldering temperatures and will often delaminate. On the HUD types they also use two thin high temp ceramic hybrid power modules. These devices can usually be re-soldered only once before they are wrecked. They require special preparation prior to working on them to ensure first time success. They have been shattered by using incorrect soldering iron tips and temp settings. They can not be replaced if broken.

I use all my previous mil spec PCB re-work training and experience every time I repair one of these units, I use the right tools and do it PROPERLY. Please give that a little thought before you leave your precious instrument cluster for repair with someone else who doesn't have the proper tools or experience. Ask them what an 'SMD re-work station' is? If they don't know, good luck......

If you decide you want to proceed with repairs please read the  'Standard spiel' page for more details.



Silvia/180SX HUD instrument units

Fixes for units that are faulty or intermittent. The repaired display is tested on a purpose built test jig before being returned. Due to the fragile nature of the display it is mandatory to send the whole instrument cluster for repair. The car can be driven without it.

$AU190 + postage (registered postage is typically about $23.00 - well packed in an Australia Post BX4 size parcel box). Turn around time is two days for Adelaide or a week or so for interstate. 

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Toyota Soarer instrument display repairs

Repairs of the Soarer instrument unit cluster. Fixes for units that have problems starting up, or where the odometer or speed section goes out. The repaired display is tested on a purpose built test jig before being returned. The car can be driven without it.

$AU140 flat repair cost + return postage costs. Turn around is two days for Adelaide or a week or so for interstate.

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Toyota Soarer Electro Multi Vision Display (EMV) repairs



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Toyota Soarer EMV Piggy-back computer unit repairs

Repairs of the Soarer EMV system faults were the Air Conditioner or Audio screen display is missing (blank windows) and the A/C and Audio systems can't be controlled. This can be caused by faulty modules in those systems, but more often than not it's the piggy-back unit on the back of the EMV screen. This type fault can be fixed without the EMV screen being required.


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General Nissan electronic repairs

I have fixed a few other interesting items for friends and others. Some of which are:

  • Air Flow Meters from 300ZX and Skylines, good success on these.
  • 300ZX ignition driver modules, fair success on these.
  • Some ECU faults (if I have a car to test it on).
  • Pulsar GTiR Window control switches, drivers side.

Here is my 'Standard spiel' for anyone wanting more details about the repairs. It relates to instrument clusters mainly. My postal address is not complete (for my privacy) , please email me for that.

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