(for WinPicProg software by Nigel Goodwin).

OziPic'er also works with IC-PROG software, use the "Propic2" type setting, all line 'inverted' except VCC. 

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My original on the left and one built by another PIC enthusiast on the right, with the ZIF socket.



This circuit is an alternative to the many parallel port PIC programmers that use the 7407 or 7405 type buffers. The 74HC14 buffer is used because of better availability in some countries ( idea from Gary Aylward's programmer ). It is a Schmitt trigger type which has very clean switching performance. 

In Circuit Programming (ICP) header is included, Q6 performs a PIC reset pulse just as VPP is switched to the target PIC to ensure the oscillator is stopped. Regulator for VPP is adjustable to trim out losses across the circuit and obtain the correct voltage at the PIC pins. A 40 Pin Aries ZIF socket or cheap standard IC sockets can be used.  (Socket inside socket).

Schematics and Artwork

The single sided artwork was designed with the home constructor in mind. Pad sizes are large and track sizes are wide to enable home etching processes to be used more successfully. A double sided commercial quality PCB in Protel format is planned to enable small batches to be professionally made.

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Use of the schematics and artwork is free for non commercial use. Users modifying the design for their own use should also make their modified versions available freely, so the design can be regarded as a shareware work in progress. Good design suggestions will be taken in consideration for inclusion in future schematic and PCB reworks. Some components could be considered unnecessary, use your own judgment if omitting parts. Reports of any bugs is appreciated.........

OziPic'er Issue 2 Schematic.PDF - The schematic was produced in Protel 98 then saved in Adobe PDF format. Best printed in A3 but A4 is readable.

OziPic'er Issue 2 Bill of Material.PDF - The Parts List

OziPic'er Issue 2 single sided Artwork.PDF - Single sided art in Adobe PDF format. A mirrored version is in the ZIP below.

OziPic'er Issue 2 Overlay.PDF - Component overlay in Adobe PDF format. 

All files including original Protel format and notes - Original Protel files plus all the above included etc.

Remember this stuff is free, any bugs (not that we found any) are included free also 8-)

Software for the programmer is found on Nigel Goodwin's WinPicProg website or use IC-PROG if the site is unavailable.


Alternative Layout

Here is a new more compact version of the PCB layout. Designed by Con - a friend in Adelaide. The files for this version can be downloaded below. Now updated to latest version of Eagle.

PIC Programmer R2A.brd
PIC Programmer R2A.sch

Schematic and Layout are for use with Eagle PCB Layout Editor which can be found at

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