Continental Flex Fuel Sensor

Continental Flex Fuel Sensor (E85)
Flex fuel sensor
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GM Continental Ethanol Content Sensor (Flex Fuel)
Part number: 13577379


These sensors can be used with NIStune to make your Nissan flex fuel enabled! ∗


Flex fuel sensors measure the ethanol-gasoline ratio of the fuel being used in a flexible fuel vehicle. Flexible fuel vehicles can be operated with a blend of ethanol and gasoline, up to 85 percent ethanol. In order to adjust the ignition timing and the fuel quantity to be injected, the engine management system requires information about the percentage of ethanol in the fuel.

The sensor uses quick-connect style fittings for fuel-in and fuel-out. The sensor is mounted after the fuel rail/fuel pressure regulator and all fuel passes through the sensor before making its way back to the fuel tank. The flex fuel sensor measures the alcohol content and sends an electrical signal to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to indicate ethanol percentage.

The flex fuel sensor has a three-wire electrical harness connector. The three wires provide power (+12V), ground, and a signal output to the ECU. The signal wire sends ethanol percentage information to the ECU via a frequency signal. The sensor uses an internal microprocessor to measure the ethanol percentage and changes the output signal accordingly. The normal range of operating frequency is between 50 and 150Hz. The microprocessor inside the sensor is capable limited self-diagnosis. An output frequency between 180 and 190Hz indicates that the fuel is contaminated.

These are genuine Continental sensors. Please beware of fake Chinese sensors. The market has been flooded with these fake sensors. We have been a victim of these fakes and their performance is extremely inconsistent. Some work fine, some work but are inaccurate, many don't work at all. Buy genuine and save your engine. 


∗ Requires Flex Fuel Kit fitted to ECU and must be running Feature Pack firmware in your NIStune board.

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